Polynesian Instructors: Left: Carol Leogite (Tahitian); Middle: Student/Makalina/Carol; Right: Makalina (Hula)

Polynesian Dance - There are more than 100,000 islands that dot the Pacific Ocean forming three major groups: Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. The largest of these is Polynesia, which means "many islands." It consists of, among many others, the Society Islands (Tahiti), Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga and New Zealand. Though the languages of these islands are similar, the dance forms are varied.

Hula: Taught at Lotus by Makalina Gallagher, Hula classes include Mixed and Men's Hula. Makalina also teaches Ukulele, a Polynesian acoustic instrument.

Tahitian: Carol Leogite teaches Tahitian dance classes that introduce students to traditional styles of Tahitian ori (dance), with a concentration on learning basic movements (hands and feet) and aspects of the Tahitian culture: language, songs, history, and folklore.

Lei PasifikaLei Pasifika is a performance group focused on sharing the music & dances of the Pacific Islands, mainly Tahiti and Hawaii. Our performances embody the spirit of the islands, taking you through a magical voyage in time, places, and legends leaving you with a Polynesian wanderlust. Our goal is to share and maintain this culture and life style that is so dear to us through dance classes, costume making workshops, and entertaining performances.

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Makalina and Carol Leogite


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