Dancing since the age of 6, Minila Shah has trained in the classical Indian dance forms of Bharatanatyam and Kathak in Toronto and India. Her Bharatanatyam training provided a sound foundation in not just rhythm and dance but grace, expressiveness and connectivity to Indian culture. She has twice travelled to India to further her training in classical dance. For years Minila has used her strong base of classical dance experience to explore, choreograph, perform and teach a variety of dance styles including Bollywood and Bhangra. Prior to relocating to New York, Minila Shah was the Executive and Artistic Director of Bollywood Grooves (www.bollywoodgrooves.com) in London, UK.

Minila was responsible for the stylish routine, set to the composer A. R. Rahman’s Slumdog hit Jai Ho, which helped Hayley Tamaddon to win the Dancing on Ice crown  last year. She has also worked with the BBC and Sky One providing them with performances and choreography. Her enthusiasm combined with her dance expertise and teaching abilities are what make her so popular everywhere she goes.

For more information on Minila, visit www.minilashahdance.com.

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