Mexican Dance Ballet Fiesta Mexcana & Yloy Ybarra


Ballet Fiesta Mexicana: Believing in performance as a powerful tool for learning, Ybarra created Ballet Fiesta Mexicana as a means to provide students the opportunity to discover and appreciate the performing arts while developing cultural awareness of Mexico’s vast folkloric history. Ybarra chose a rich and diverse repertory for his new company, which celebrates the beauty of Mexico’s universe in motion - from the pre-Columbian civilizations, which grew with the Hispanic influences of the vice-royal era, through the revolutionary years. They have performed at the Queens Museum, the National Arts Club (Tribute to Octavio Paz), the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, The Museum of the City of New York, Riverside Church, Queens Theatre in the Park, Hostos Community College and the Folk Art Museum in New York. Ballet Fiesta Mexicana’s goal is to continue serving the American public as ambassador of Mexican culture. 

Instructors: Yloy Ybarra




World Dance Passport 2021
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May 2nd 2021