Caren Calder (left); Caren Calder and Crystal J. Holder (Indigo Arts), Drums Along the Hudson 2005, Inwood Hill Park, NYC


Traditional West African Dances include Goombey, a harvest dance, Lambaan, a dance of celebration, Sunu, a wedding dance, and Manjani, Jon Don, and Wolosodon.

Traditional West African Dance is free, expressive and loaded with history and culture. It is a celebration of life, a marriage between the dance and the drum, and a connection to the ancestors. During workshops students come and move to traditional rhythms of West Africa (Senegal, Guinea, Mali, etc.).  The first two weeks will concentrate on the rhythms and history of Lambaan.  By the end of the workshop students will know a small routine and will be comfortable in the Bantaba (Dancing Circle). Call 212-627-1076 for more information on workshops

Instructor: Caren Calder



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May 2nd 2021