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Carol Leogite

Carol Leogite, grew up on Raiatea, one of the most beautiful and sacred islands of French Polynesia better known as "Tahiti". Growing up, she discovered a passion for dancing, ironically started with hip hop and jazz, but ultimately she could not stray away from her Polynesian roots, therefore Tahitian Ori (dance) became her favorite and focus.

  For the past six years, Carol has been performing professionally around the tri-state area with Makalina Abalos-Gallagher and Tamara Hernandez-Bejar in their performance groups Lei Pasifika and live band Tabu. She has performed at an array of public and private events including Mayor Bloomberg's Asian Heritage Fesitval at Gracie Mansion, the opening for the Arts and Dance of Oceainia at the Metropolitian Museum of Art, NYC Dance Parade and many more

  In the last year, Carol has started choreographing her own pieces, maintaining traditional style while adding a touch of intercultural flair influenced by the diversity of New York City. Carol's dedication to Tahitian arts and culture is reflected not only in her dancing but also through her role as Tahitian costumes designer for their groups preserving the traditional look with a modern twist

  Today Carl is proud to have become an ambassador for Tahiti by promoting and sharing the island spirit and knowledge of the beautiful exotic cultures of Polynesia as a Tahitian dance instuctor at Lotus Music and Dance, a cultural space preserving traditional dances in New York City.

Current Schedule 
Ongoing Classes Every Tuesday
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Ori Tahiti Full Session
Ori Tahiti Partial Session
Ori Tahiti Single Class "Drop in"

Location: Simple Studios - 134 West 29th street 2nd Floor

This class will teach you the basic movements of Tahitian Ori (dance) with a concentration on the Tahitian Otea (rapid Tahtian dance style). Students will learn key steps and hand gestures performed to Tahitian drums and songs. 


New Fall Workshops Starting this Fall!!!

Introduction to Flamenco 
With Gisele 

Beginners  6pm-7pm 
Tuesdays Starting Sept 9th   

Marinera Nortena
with Rosita 

Beginners  7pm-8pm 
Intermediate 8pm-9pm
Tuesdays  Starting Sept 9th 

Intro to Basic Hula
with Makalina 

 Beginners 6pm-7pm 
Thursdays Starting Sept 18th   

Traditional West African Dance
with Caren Calder

Beginners  6pm-7pm 
Tuesdays Starting Oct. 23trd

Intro to Middle Eastern Dance
with Nadia

Beginners  6pm-7pm 
Tuesdays Starting Oct. 23rd 






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