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Current Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: All Fall Classes will begin the second week of September and will be held at either                                  Simple Studios 134 West 29th Street  2nd Floor New York, NY
 Ruth Williams Studio 170 East 116th Street Ste 2E, Harlem NY

Please note that a mininum of 4 students is needed to sustain classes. 
Consistant Low attendance will result in the cancellation of class. 

                     CLASS LEVEL
Tues. 6 - 7 PM
Hula/Mixed Level 
(Simple Studios)
  Ongoing    Aug.      19 Makalina
Tues. 6 - 7 PM Beginning Flamenco 
(Ruth Williams Studio)
Sept. 9 Oct. 28 Gisele Assi
Tues. 7 - 8 PM Ori Tahiti Mixed Level
(Simple Studios)
Carol Leogite
Tues. 6 - 7PM Marinera Norteña-Beg
(Ruth Williams Studio)
Sept. 9 Oct. 28th Rosa Carhullanqui (Rosita)
Tues.  7 - 8 PM Marinera Norteña-Inter/Adv
(Ruth Williams Studio)
Sept. 9 Oct. 28th Rosa Carhullanqui (Rosita)
Thurs 6:00 - 7:00 PM Kathak Beginner Wksp
 (Simple Studios)
    Sept. 18th  Oct. 23  S.N. Charka
Thurs. 6:00 - 7:00 PM Kathak Beg/Inter
 (Simple Studios)
        Sept.  11   Dec. 18th  S.N. Charka
 Fri 6 - 7 PM Bharata Natyam (Inter)
 (Simple Studios)

Kamala Cesar
Sat. 12 - 1pm  Introduction to Bharata Natyam Wksp
* (Simple Studios)
 Sept. 13  Oct. 4 Kamala Cesar
Sat. 12 - 1pm Basic Hula Wksp
(Simple Studios)
Sept. 13 Oct. 4 Makalina







Lotus Current Summer Classes

Hula 6pm-7pm 
Tahitian 7pm-8pm
Every Tuesday 

Indian Dance
Bharata Natyam 6pm-7pm
Every Friday 6pm - 7pm 
*New Students must call before attending class 






Lotus Music & Dance. 336 West 37th Street, Suite 315, New York, NY. 10018
212.627.1076 (tel) 212.675.7191 (fax)

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